What Value Does A Bathtub Bring to Your Home?

The bathroom is one of the most visited rooms in any home. This is why it is imperative to make this part of the house inviting and rejuvenating for the whole family, to say the least. Most people feel that spending time in the bathroom rejuvenates their minds and revitalizes their tired spirit at the end of a long day. Whatever the reason you have to spending time in the bathroom, one thing remains certain, the bathtub remains one of the most vital aspects of this room.

Before we can delve into the various benefits you stand to gain and how to get these benefits from your bathtub, let us look at some factors to consider when choosing the perfect bathtub, whether you are buying one for a new house or remodeling.

The Size

The size of the bathtub depends wholly on the available space in the bathroom. The size will determine whether you get a one-person or two-person bathtub for the family. The size also depends on the capacity of your water heater. Remember that a bathtub is best with a hot water content of 65 percent and 35 percent cold water. This means you stand to use up to 40 gallons of hot water for an average home. So, can your water heater deliver 40 gallons of hot water to the tub and still have the capacity to supply the rest of the house? Consider this before picking the size of tub.


The choice of material will depend upon a host of factors including the intended use for the bathtub, your budget, ease of maintenance and durability. Fiberglass tubs will cost you less, but won’t last as long as acrylic or porcelain tubs. On the other hand, marble and wooden tubs are attractive but require more in terms of maintenance.

The Depth

This aspect is an important consideration if you plan to use the bathtub for therapeutic purposes. If you are a fan of rejuvenating baths, then you need to soak in a warm bath. These types of bathtubs reduce stress levels and are recommended for use before going to bed. A soaking bathtub is designed to allow you to immerse your whole body while a standard tub only soaks the lower part of your body.

Consider Additional Features

When making the ultimate purchase, make sure you understand what types of features you need. For instance, bathtubs that have whirlpool jets are attractive but the question is do you really need these jets for the long term?

However, make sure you have features that make it easy for the elderly and handicapped to use the bathtub. Some of the features to look out for in this case include easy entry and exit, and handrails to prevent accidents.

Why Install a Bathtub

One of the top benefits that you enjoy with a bathtub installed in your house is a higher resale value. Current homeowners are very interesting – they consider your kitchen and bathroom more than other parts of the house to make the ultimate purchasing decision. Thus you might find it easier convincing your buyer to purchase a house with a bathtub installed than when you just have a plain old bathroom.

Your bathroom also gets that breathe of life that it always needed to look complete. Apart from being relaxing, a bathtub also adds some form of romance to your life, especially if you are just starting to live together. It will form the basis of many memories for you and your spouse. Add some aromatherapy bath salts to take your experience to a completely new level.

The good news is that you have the ability to choose from a wide variety of bathtubs. There is always a bathtub for everyone regardless of their preferences. Don’t worry about the budget; you will still get a bathtub for your estimated budget as well. Visit Bathing Guide to start your journey to a new bathtub today.


A bathtub isn’t just a way of relaxing, it also adds some much-needed value to your property. It tells the potential buyer that you took care of your house with high-quality installations. Make sure you get the right size to fit in the available space. It is always a pleasure to come back in the evening and soak your stresses away in a tub filled with hot water.