Top 6 Income Streams From Twitter

Twitter marketing can unleash multiple sources of income for you, only if you do it the right way. What do we mean marketing on Twitter “the right way?” Well, we have various strategies that you can adopt, top among them the use of scheduling tools to deliver quality content every day of each week.

You also need to have a customer base that you can market your products to. With twitter automation tools, you can find and add followers to your account, which in turn enhances the level of engagement on the account. One of the best ways to get the right bot is to check out the top tools for automation on The Small Business Blog. Click here to read more about these tools and choose what suits your Twitter marketing needs.

But we aren’t here today to look at the various tactics; instead, we are here to tell you the various sources of income when you market on Twitter.

    1. Your Customers

When you give customers what they want regarding information, then they buy from you. Using Twitter, you can increase the level of satisfaction of these users through bonding with them.

Customers get convinced if you give them a reason to buy from you. This is the reason every tweet you come up with, video or image you post should be oriented towards your goals and communicate what you want.

    1. Come Up With Special Offers

Other brands have raked in millions in sales through special offers. Special offers come in the form of discounted goods that you offer anyone who re-tweets your post or who likes it. The low-profit margin shouldn’t fool you into believing that you won’t make money – selling many items makes it worth your while.

    1. Traffic From Twitter

When you offer direct links to your sales pages or landing pages, you predispose your goods and services to your twitter followers. Once these followers get to the sales page, they can browse through your products and get what they need.

You can, therefore, use this platform to drive targeted traffic to your selling page and products. Drive the traffic to your articles, blog posts and squeeze pages.

    1. Use Viral Marketing

Viral marketing should be backed by a return on investment. This might however change because Twitter has been seen as the perfect traffic engine due to the benefits you enjoy from retweets.

If you give your followers what they want, then they are ready to take your marketing efforts far and wide.

    1. Referral Marketing

Referral marketing forms one of the most powerful kinds of marketing on this planet. The mere fact that a user can refer you to a friend or family member makes it the perfect way to make money. Users can pass along your marketing messages and build your brand easily.

    1. Make Use of Opportunity Marketing

When it comes to opportunity marketing, having a huge following is all you need. You need to keep the position at the top of the pile so that you can provide much-needed advice in your niche. Soon many people will come to you not only for advice but also for products and services.

Very soon, potential brands will come to you with the aim of using the authority you have in the niche to promote their products. These brands pay you for these services, and are willing to work together with you for long.

The Bottom-line

When it comes to social media, you need more than just a few relevant posts – you need a complete strategy. The strategy you come up with should align itself with your objectives and ability.