Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain Bike Review


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Last face it, we can’t all be natural born runners. We’ve all seen the lycra clad adonises happily jogging past us on a sunny day, running through their 12th mile like it is no big thing, but not everyone is cut out be run. This may lead you to ask “well what else can I do to get in shape then?” The answer to this is cycle. Cycling is a good and low impact method of exercise, and that is why it is popular with so many people! The key to starting to cycle is to get a good bike, and that is where we are here to help. Today we will be looking at the Roadmaster Granite Peak Mountain bike, and whether or not it is the right one for you!

So tell me what features it has?

This mountain bike is jam packed with clever an innovative features that belittle its space at the lower end of the mountain bike price range. The first of these features is the steel mounted frame which makes for a very easy ride as it easily contours over the lumps and bumps of the path. The second feature is the 3-piece mountain crank, and this offers a wide gear range to help you tackle to trickiest of inclines and the steepest of slopes! The linear brakes provide all of the stopping power you’ll need, and the 26′ alloy wheels are strong enough to take on any type of surface!

Tell me a little more about the positive points

To get a better understanding of how good a bike is, you have to take a look at its gear shifters and when you do so with the Roadmaster you will be impressed! The SRAM drive twist gear shifters ensure that every gear change you make is a smooth one, and as a result your ride will be as good as it can possibly be! The Roadmaster is also very easy to put together, which is another big positive!

And the negative points too

The predominant negative point surrounding this bike is one that it shares with almost every other bike that has ever been in production. The seat on the Roadmaster is not very comfortable. If you intend to go on longer rides on this bike, it could be worth your time to go and purchase a slightly more padded seat, or your rear end may not be too thankful!

What’s the Conclusion?

All in all this is a very nice bike for the money. It is easy to put together straight out of the box, it rides nicely, and the extra features such as the SRAM gear shifters all come together to create a well rounded bicycle. The Roadmaster is never going to compete with the more dedicated bikes that are out there today, but for a beginners introduction to cycling, it is more than up to the task!