Nautilus R614 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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Want to get in shape but don’t really know which the best machine to get is or what is the best exercise to do? Then worry no more as I am here to help. The piece of kit I am going to be talking a look at today is the perfect low impact exercise which will still make you work hard enough to get a sweat going! The equipment I am talking about is a recumbent exercise bike and it is perfect to start your home gym with! To be more specific we will be looking at the Nautilus R614 and seeing just what it can do for you and your exercise needs.                                 

Tell me about its features

It may be a simple looking machine in design but the Nautilus certainly isn’t lacking when it comes to the features it has. What makes this machine stand out from the rest is something so small that you may not even notice it when you open up the box. It has a charging USB port which means you can keep your phone and your workout playlist going no matter how long you stay on the pedals for! With this slot you can also export the data from the machine to the company’s own website for further evaluation and analysis. You can see all of this aforementioned data on the dual track LCD screen which sits proudly at the front of the bike and the two LCD windows display the status of up to 13 different workout details including speed, time and calories burned. Whilst your phone is being charge you can also make the most of the acoustic chambered speakers and really get your blood pumping to the beats of your favorite song.

You better tell me how big it is

67.8 x 28 x 12.5 inches is not particularly large for an exercise bike so even if you are limited for space you should still be able to find the Nautilus a home. Its weight of 98 pounds does mean that it will be a two person job moving it, but there are much bigger and chunkier machines out there (which can be found at so this shouldn’t be a worry. 

Elaborate on the positives

Overall this is a really good exercise bike with a lot of very cool features which some of its competitors have missed. The biggest plus of this machine is that it is incredibly comfortable when cycling so you won’t even notice that you are eating up the virtual miles. This is exactly what you want from a workout machine.

Level things up with the negatives

As I am sure you are well aware, people can be very finicky with almost everything in the world and it is no different with the Nautilus. There have been multiple complaints about the packaging in which the bike comes, but whether this is the fault of the manufacturer or the shipping company is still yet to be seen.

Conclude things

This is a very nice exercise bike and the package it comes in sets the mark quite high for its competitors. You can work out without the risk of knee injuries or putting stress on your joints and this alone should persuade you to buy.