Homecraft Miter Saw H26-260L by Delta

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At home projects have never been easier with the addition of miter saws to your collection. There are several different types but they all do the same type of job. The brand name matters when considering the value for the quality. Just like other tools, the miter saw must be properly handled to avoid hazardous situations. There were plenty of reviews on the miter saw model H26-260L made by Delta. Other reviews on other miter saws can be found at Straight Kerfs, and keep in mind that Delta is just one of the many name brands that are covered.

Features and Function

If you have more than one job to get to or more than one room to complete, this miter saw is great because it is light weight proving to be beneficial in mobility. It is compatible with almost any type of saw stand that is designed for miter saws and some that are designed for others as well. This particular model, the H26-260L 10-inch, can cut your two by sixes and four by four posts. It can also cut at a ninety degree angle, all with one clean pass. The handle that is on this miter saw is an ergonomic handle which is safer and allows for predictable operations.

The Positives of the H26-260L

After being offered on the market at a reasonably low price of just under a hundred and twenty dollars, this miter saw, model number H26-260L by Delta, is a great fit for any job around the house, according to those who have purchased it. It works great, cuts straight, and above all the laser helps to guide cuts for those who may not be able to make such a straight line. Consumers have raved about how quick they can cut through numerous four by fours or two by sixes without any issue or worry. It has continued to impress over and over and consumers have stated that they doubt it will ever stop impressing them.

The Negatives of the H26-260L

Issues with the main control arm just falling off of the product right out of the box makes it hard for consumers to leave a positive feedback when they cannot even work the product. A few people who decided to purchase this miter saw has had complaints regarding the clamp not handling a two by six, but they claim it will handle a two by four just fine. After measuring the area where the board was to go into and coming up with only four and a half inches, some consumers were not impressed with the lack of information contained and the idea that it would cut bigger heights.

In Conclusion

When purchasing a miter saw there is always the chance that you may receive a dud or a defective saw. Be sure to always keep the box that it arrived in just in case you need to return it. When purchasing a saw online it is best to get a good idea of what type you will need. In some cases a miter saw may not be the exact saw that you need for the job, although it would be a great addition to your collection of hand tools and other work tools.