Elite EPC-1013 Pressure Cooker Review

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How much time do you spend every week cooking when you could be doing something far more enjoyable or productive? If the answer is too long then a pressure cooker may just be the thing you are looking for. They can make your culinary life a lot easier and more efficient, so I’m going to take you through the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Elite EPC-1013 Pressure Cooker.

Does it have good features?

This cooker has 8 multifunction’s, and it can help you to cook: rice, potatoes and yams, meat and chicken, pork, fish and vegetables, beans and grains, soup and stew, and even desserts. What makes this cooker stand out from its rivals is its 24 hour cooking delay timer. This allows you to prepare the food, place it in the cooker, and then set the timer to start cooking when you require it to. A very handy feature if you are away at work for the day. It also has a browning function to help finish off certain meals, and it is very easy to clean thanks to its stainless steel design.

Why do I need a pressure cooker?

This pressure cooker can cook your food up to 70 times faster than a conventional oven and it is also considered to be a lot healthier than the more traditional cooking methods. The time you save cooking your Sunday joint of meat can then be put towards more productive things such as taking an afternoon nap or watching the football!

What are the positives?

This machine is small, neat, and its design really is all encompassing. They have thought about almost everything in the construction process, and with the ability to cook such a wide variety of foods including: meat, fish, and vegetables in the cooker, it will be an incredible help in most kitchens. It is much more energy efficient than normal ovens, so as well as saving you time, it will also save you some money too!

And what about the negatives?

This Elite cooker may have a lot going for it, but it is not perfect. Customers who have previously owned the machine have complained that the build quality of the cooker is poor. Parts fell off, the seal has come loose, and foods items stick to the inner pot are just some of the complaints put forward by disgruntled owners. When said customers went to complain about the cooker, they were met with equally poor customer service and did not find the process enjoyable at all.

So, what’s the conclusion?

There may have been complaints made about this pressure cooker, but these complaints are in the minority. It has an abundance of useful features, all of which are designed to help you create the perfect meals with the minimum of effort. It can help you cook food well, and it can help you cook food quickly, so why wouldn’t you want to buy one is the question? Your go to website for all pressure cooker related reviews and questions is so be sure to take a look if you want more help choosing your new appliance.