How to Sell More on Instagram

Stores have cropped up each day, and you need to stay ahead when it comes to running your store in all the competition. However, it is not each to run an online store, because thousands upon thousands of users are opening stores each day globally, and you have to stay relevant to sell anything.

I think many marketers don’t understand the capacity that Instagram brings to their marketing efforts until they try it out. A few have anticipated the change that Instagram brings, but many are still grappling in the dark wondering if the platform can bring value to their marketing efforts or not.

So, how can you make use of Instagram to sell more?


You can use Instagram to host giveaways. You can the followers get a free product whenever they share your post. However, this tactic has gone awry before, with many brands finding themselves in difficult situations when they promise more than what they can offer. Make sure you know exactly what you have and what you can spare before you decide to host a giveaway.

Use the Shopping Feature

Business accounts come with a shopping feature that you can use to sell your products to followers. Using this feature allows you to advertise and implement payments right from your profile. Early users of this technology have seen an increase in sales and traffic from Instagram especially after using the tagging capability.

With its shoppable posts, followers have a greater opportunity to connect with the brands that they love, and can see relevant information such as pricing and descriptions, without ever leaving the platform.

Once they find an item that they can buy, the followers can click on links to important pages on the website so that customers can add to the cart and then check out, or go ahead and browse other items in the catalog.

So, if you plan to increase the ROI on Instagram, you need to know how to use this feature to its max. Engage with your buyers so that you end up with loyal customers.

Use Influencers

Just as the name suggests, using influencers helps you to gain trust from customers. The use of influencers also helps you get found and amplifies your brand’s voice. This is a win-win for most marketers.

The need for influencers spans across all social media platforms, not Instagram alone. You need to understand your target audience so that you connect with them on a higher level.

If your audience is small, then you need to use influencers that are in that niche. If the target is huge, then take time to get influencers that are in the general category.

Use Automation

You can make your product stand out by making sure you get as many people to like it as possible. You can use an automation tool to get more likes to the post. With more likes comes more visibility, and you end up with more followers that can turn into loyal customers. If you have never used these tools, then go ahead and try Instagram automation to enjoy the benefits.

Communicate Some More

You need to use new tools to communicate with your audience. Communication is all about direct messaging, leaving comments and other ways to get to your audience. You can use bots that allow you to send direct messages and schedule them to run for some time. Doing this leaves the customer with the notion that you are caring, and they will go ahead to buy what you sell.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to selling on Instagram, you need to use all the tools you can get your hands on to make sure you sell more.