Got Rats? Here Are Your Top Products for Killing Rodents At Home

Whether you’re a city slicker or down-home in the farms and fields, rodents are a problem for all of us. Why? No matter how clean and secure your home, rats are looking for a warm place to take shelter, with plenty of food available. Ultimately, we’re all susceptible to rats, so it’s best to know the top products out on the market to keep your home rodent-free.

MOTOMCO Tomcat Mouse and Rat Pack

Reviewers love it for the convenient packaging, but some aren’t sold with the time it takes to work. Keep in mind, rats are smart and can learn to recognize poison when they see it. This product comes in a tub, but it individually packages the poison as serving sizes, which can be conveniently hidden in barns or behind bookcases. Packs will kill rodents in a single serving, within 4-6 days.


    • Individual servings prevent wasting pellets.
    • Easy/no prep: rats will chew through the packaging
    • Kills rats and other rodents in a few days.


    • Not as fast-acting as snap-traps
    • Some Amazon reviews claim the product doesn’t work at all
    • Mid-range price

Just One Bite II Bars Mice and Rat Killer

Receiving a slightly higher rating on Amazon than the preceding product, the poison bar method can be affixed to cage-like traps via holes in the bars. One detailed Amazon review noted that the package was delivered to their back porch and the rodents ate through the box and plastic and the rat problem was handled with just one click on the phone. This product is guaranteed to take down rodents in 4-5 days.


    • Designed to be tied down either in a trap or to just to prevent children from carrying it away
    • Reviews for product are mostly positive
    • Cleaner than using pellets


    • More expensive than average product
    • Takes several days to produce results

Tomcat Tier 1 Refillable Rat and Mouse Bait Station

Of the options presented, this is definitely the safest for people with children and pets. The enclosed chamber keeps larger pets away from the poison and allows rats and small rodents to easily walk in and out with ease. The chamber includes a see-through window to allow you to see if a refill is needed.


    • Safe for children and pets, but try to station in a safe place nonetheless
    • No pellets scattered around the house
    • At $15.99, this is one of the more affordable option on the market


    • Will not fit in small spaces
    • Not an inconspicuous device to place around the house.

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What Else Can I Do? 

Rats are not a single-home issue: it takes a neighborhood effort to keep the rodents at-bay. Some other options to try are:

    1. Make sure everyone is cleaning up after pets. Feces left on the ground can attract rats, mice and other pests, so check in with neighbors to ensure everyone is doing their part.
    1. Do your part to keep trash out of the neighborhood. Cities have regular trash pickups, but in some rural areas trash can back up and be breeding grounds for rodents. Still, big cities like Chicago and New York have big rat problems because of the volume of people throwing away garbage. Wherever there is a build up of trash there is likely to be a big rat population.
  1. Are you feeding birds? It may be a fun pastime, but loose birdseed around the backyard or in a feeder is just as tasty to rats and rodents as it is for birds. You may have to let the birds find their own food if rats are growing in your neighborhood.