Expert Tips for Housebreaking Your Dogs

Housebreaking your new pet dog is a tough yet necessary task. This is because you wouldn’t want your pet using various areas of your home as his bathroom. Let us look at various tips to help you housebreak your dog the right way.

Know the Appropriate Time

It is vital that you housebreak your dog at the right time and age. Young dogs don’t have the ability to control their bladders that well yet. The suitable time to start this process is when your dog is 3 or 4 months of age.

At times, you get to adopt a puppy that is much older than 4 months. Most of these pets have been in a cage and have been used to the bathroom within the cage. If this is the case, then you might encounter a lot of problems housebreaking the pet, though it is still possible.

Your timing for potty training ought to be spot-on. Puppies typically use the bathroom immediately or a few minutes after their meal. It is, therefore, best to come up with a regular feeding schedule. Keep him away from snacks or any other food between the meals, otherwise the chances of having a nasty accident will increase.

The length of time it takes to housebreak your puppy depends upon you. Doing it right will take you just a few weeks. It also depends on the pet; some of them get it right the first time while others take some time to get a simple instruction.

Understand Your Dog

You have a wide range of options to housebreak your dog. Whatever option you choose to go with, make sure you understand the type of dog you have. The nature of every dog, no matter the breed is to please you – their owner. This is what you need to take advantage of to housebreak your dog. Let the dog understand when it is time to play and when it is time to get serious. Dogs are more like humans – if you aren’t happy with their actions, make sure to show your disapproval without hesitation. For instance, if you get the dog relieving itself on the floor, show your disapproval immediately. Let the pet understand that using certain areas of your house as the potty isn’t ok.

Supervise Him

It is important when housebreaking your dog to be around to offer supervision. Don’t let the dog loose around the house with no one around. If you won’t be around for this task, then a crate would be ideal for the training. However, make sure you buy a crate that is big enough to accommodate the dog. Remember, the dog is growing, which means that you need a crate big enough to accommodate the projected growth. You need to keep the dog in confinement when you aren’t around until he is properly jailbroken.

Don’t Leave Scent Behind

After a nasty indoors accident, make sure to perform extensive cleaning. Use odor neutralizing products so that the dog cannot smell the urine, which might encourage it to do it in the same spot.

Use Dog Gates

A puppy is all about play, which is why it is necessary to have dog gates. These gates are useful when you decide to confine the pet within one area of the house. They keep the pet safe from hazards in your home. Using the dog gate encourages the pet to perform his potty duties in a confined area of the house.

With the dog safely behind the gates, you can go out of the house and perform your activities without any worries. This is also ideal when you don’t have someone to supervise the dog.

This gate is also ideal for traveling, which eliminates the need to take your dog to the kennel. Many dog gates are foldable and compact enough to fit in the trunk of your car. You can make a choice for the perfect dog gate depending on your preferences. Opt for a metal or wooden gate depending on the behavior of your canine. You can select the size, color and design depending on your likes. Check out these best dog gates to get an idea of what you need.

Quick Takeaway

You have to treat adult dogs the same way you do puppies. Even the smartest dogs have to be housebroken especially when they encounter a new living environment. If the dog has been kept in a cage, in a puppy mill or any other confined space, you need to start the process afresh.