Are Engagement Levels So Important on Instagram?

Instagram engagement is all about how users interact with your content. It entails leaving comments, liking your posts, sharing the content or following you. The more engagement you have on the posts, the higher you rank on the platform.

Between 2014 and 2018, Instagram users grew four times, from just 200 million to more than 800 million users. You find close to 500 million Instagram users active on the platform each day.

The most attractive feature of the whole engagement growth is that the time that users spend on the platform increases by 80 percent each year. This means that you have more time to talk to your users than ever before.

The downside is that you have more competition than the previous years. So, being the go-to-brand for a product or service on Instagram can be very tough. Long gone are the days when capturing a shot and applying a few filters was adequate – you need to do more.

You also need to know that increasing the level o engagement on your account is not the result of some few set rules because each profile is different. What works for you might not work for another person.

The good thing is that the process of finding out the right strategies to follow and using the perfect metrics is still the same. Let us look at this process and how you can enjoy a higher level of engagement in 2018.

Understand the Right Metrics

The level of engagement on Instagram is measured by the number of likes, comments, and shares that your post receives. However, the number of these metrics doesn’t reflect the complete picture. For instance, at the moment the algorithm also looks at the number of likes you get during the first one hour after posting the content.

You also need to note that the kind of interactions you get don’t carry the same weight. For instance, likes don’t carry the same weight compared to the comments on your posts. Comments help make the discussion further, which helps make the engagement much better.

Along with the comments, the number of shares also play a huge role in influencing the visibility of your posts to new followers. Based on these metrics, Instagram pushes the post up or down the news feeds of your followers.

Know Your Audience

There is nothing as better than knowing what your audience wants and thinks about.  The aim of having an audience is to make sure that your content gets shared across the platform. Each member of the audience comes with a set of followers who are capable of following you as well. Having a good number of followers gives you a critical set that can spread the word about your account to other users on the platform.

Another way to make your target followers help you build the engagement levels is to identify the specific type of hashtags that are relevant to them. Include the hashtags in your posts.

Get a Unique Perspective for Your Content

The next step in this process is to identify a unique content perspective to use in your posts. This is because the objective of any Instagram marketing campaign is to stand out from the crowd so that you can enhance the visibility of your posts.

To this end, you need to perform content research so that you get the right content that works well with your audience. Hash Tags for Likes looks at how to get the right content and use it to build your engagement levels faster, make sure you check out the tips and apply them.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your levels of engagement makes it possible for you to be seen by more people on Instagram. However, the process needs to be flawless to be fruitful.