5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Group Holiday

5 Reasons Why You Should Go on a Group Holiday

For singles, a group holiday is an awesome idea. Especially if you don’t have a lot of friends or your working schedules are so different from each other it can be very difficult to arrange a holiday with your friends. In the past group holidays got labeled as holidays for losers but nowadays everyone participates in them, young and old, singles and people in a relationship, heck even children and complete families join group holidays these days.

Make your choice of transport clear

Not every group holiday uses the same type of transport, sure if you go on a cruise there’s not much choice and the same applies for holidays overseas. However, even in those cases you probably go on group excursions and the method of transport can differ big time. Some companies book a complete tour bus that fits 40 people while others rent a few minivans if they aren’t able to fill a whole bus. Obviously to save costs and there’s nothing wrong with that but it’s good to know upfront.

You might miss out on awesome locations

Although you can find an awful lot of information on sites like Trip Advisor and such, the most beautiful and excluded places aren’t always documented very well so on a tour group, with a solid guide, you might discover what you would never be able to find yourself so that makes another reason why to go for tour groups.

Few friends? Not anymore!

Especially if you are single it would be nice to have a few more people around you and tour groups automatically lead to that. Within no time you will have made a whole bunch of new friends, hear new experiences from people from all kind of fields and you will automatically broaden your horizon that way. You might even make friends for life and go on holiday with them the next time around because you match so well. Even for business owners, it might be a good idea as they can land new business during their holiday, making the holiday, in fact, pay for itself.

No more dangers, safety first

The chance of getting robbed or ripped-off by taxis drops dramatically when you show up with a group, every pickpocket thief will be extra cautious as another group member might be on the lookout for you and he definitely doesn’t want to get caught by a group of people that are close to each other thanks to their 3 week holiday together. The thief wouldn’t know if it’s your first day or third week together so they will look for a much easier target.

Groups often get discount at all sorts of things

When you travel in a group it’s only normal for restaurants, hotels, and what not to provide some discount. Now I have to admit that the group organizer puts most of this money in their own pocket as the restaurants and hotels are booked well in advance, but for other things like souvenir shops or when you have free time, you’re not locked up all the time with the group, you could combine efforts to get the best price.

No need to ask strangers to take a photo

Oh my, you will be taking a lot of photos and not just for yourself, just about anyone in your group and obviously, they will return the favor when you find a nice spot that you want to memorize on paper, or better said digitally.

I’ve shown you many benefits of group travel, do you have the courage to join one?